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  Hitchcock - Hickok
Woods - Wood
Stout   Stanley    
Recall also that C.N. Hickok, and
others, stated that a more senior George Woods (the one they thought was the father of Col./Judge George Woods)
arrived in Bedford after his children
Harriet Hickok Francis
missionary Conn.

Barzillai Hickok

Seth Hickok
John Hickok 1735 - 1810 Ebenezer Hickok 1692  
Abigail Stephens
Lydia Kellogg  
Keziah Hoyt 1776 John Hoyt  
Keziah Wood Azariah Wood
Ruth Chichester

Hariet Wood

Mattius Hitchcock John Hitchcock
Mary Hitchcock 1676
  Abigail Merriman
Benjamin Beach 1674
married Ann Nevius
daughter of Christin Nevius

George Woods ? - d.1829

George Woods
was an associate Judge with James Martin in Bedford County PA in 1790-91
  John Woods ?        
Col. George Woods , Esq.
Jane McDowell
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George Woods
He was probably the George Woods who in the 1779 Tax List of Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA, is shown with one
horse and 2 cattle; but no acreage.
Will dated 25 Aug. 1807; proved 29 Sep. 1807.
"Personal property of the late George Woods to be held on Friday next, an excellent assortment of books ... Jno
M'Dowell, Henry Woods, John Anderson," 10/20/1807 from the "Bedford Gazette." ["Bedford Archives," Vol. 4, p. 50].
According to his will dated 25 Aug. 1807, they were the executors of his estate; Dr. John McDowell his father-in-law;
Henry Woods his brother; and Dr. John Anderson.
His brother, Henry Woods' will codicil dtd. 11 Oct. 1826 mentions`Nancy woods, his sister-in-law the wife of his
brother George so George may have married twice.
He was a surveyor, as was his father and a man of distinction in Bedford, where he made his home, when not in
Pittsburgh or Steubenville, OH. He ran for Congress on the Federalist ticket in 1806. He assisted his father in the
survey of Pittsburgh in 1774, and syrveyed and laid out the city of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1795; prothonotary and clerk of
court, register and recorder of Bedford; surveyed and laid out the city of Steubenville, OH.
Family Group Record
Col. George Woods , Esq.
Jane McDowell
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Col. George Woods , Esq.
that applied for lots 116, and 159-160, and which one was Col./Judge George Woods. Recall also that C.N. Hickok, and
others, stated that a more senior George Woods (the one they thought was the father of Col./Judge George Woods)
arrived in Bedford after his children.
Lots 184-185 obtained from Christopher Lems and shown to be George Woods' in
the 1795 Town List was the major home of Col./Judge George Woods; although he, or his son George, owned Lots 95-
110, 135-150, and 160-170, except for lot 161 which belonged to his son H. Woods.
Certainly, lot 159 belonged to Col/Judge Woods, who sold it to David Espy on 5 December 1775 for "ten Pounds...and
for divers other good Causes and Considerations." The original patent for this lot was recorded in
Philadelphia in "Book A Vol 3d Page 422.
There was another tract of 305 acres owned by Col/Judge Woods that he sold to Angus Gillis in 1768. The deed was
also witnessed by "Edward Woods." (Bedford Co., PA, Deed Bk. A, p. 215-216).

!A George Woods appears with 200 acres in the 1785 Tax List of Hopewell Twp. [Bedford Co. Archives, Vol. 3, p. 87]
"Captain Christopher LEMS returned to England at an early day, having sold his house to George Woods, in whose
possession and that of his heirs, it remained until 1846 or '47. Woods also owned what is known as the Job Mann farm
on the river." {Source: 'Bedford in Ye Olden Time.' p. 18} "A large stone house had been built in 1758, on what was
called in Luken's survey, Pitt Street.... the most pretentious in the new town of Bedford. Capt. Lems built this house in
1758, while he was commandant of Fort Bedford; he being a free mason located it by the points of the compass.
Captain Lems returned to England at an early date; as this house was used by Col. Boquet, it was known as the Boquet
House. On April 25, 1771, this house was sold by Sheriff David Hoge to George Woods. It included the house, known
as 'Christopher Lines' house, and lots 184 and 185...Mr. Woods purchased lot No. 159 in his own name and No.. 160 in
the name of his daughter, Mary Woods. recorded May 9, 1767." {Source: C,N. Hickok, p. 436} Note there is no mention
of Col./Judge George Woods owning other lots in Bedford Town, although the last reference states on p. 438 that "On
March 13, 1795, Judge Woods owned three houses, two barns, six horses and eight cows. The Hon. George Woods was
then the largest property owner in the borough (of Bedford)." The 1779 Tax List of Bedford Twp. shows George Woods,
Esq. with 1355 acres, 7 horses, and 19 cattle.
A staunch Presbyterian he died at a ripe old age in October 1796.


Ann Nevius is daughter of Christian Nevius